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To lead a new fashion for car wrapping
Some car owners may be encountered such a problem, vehicle in use after a period of time, they gradually have aesthetic fatigue on the original body color. Thus they come the idea of changing vehicle body color.
To spray paint to change the body color, it is both time-consuming and inefficient, so the car wrap color sticker gradually became popular in the market. Compared to spray paint, car wrap color film is much easier to operate. It won't cause harm to the original car, and also play a protective role. If there are minor scratches, the time of repairing wrapping film will decrease sharply. If you want to restore original car color, you just need to tear to tear the wrapping film. Now there are more and more brand on the market, showing rich personalized colors for us . Starwrap has been created glossy, matt, glitter diamond, satin, brushed vinyl in hundreds of styles etc., Their color is personalized.       
Starwrap is now using the third generation air release technology, which makes the sticker convenient to move and installation. It improves the installation speed of at least 30%. Removable pressure sensitive adhesive makes sticker able to slide in the car surface film and repositioned, effectively reduce the wear and tear. 
Starwrap are finding good wholesalers to running the car wrap vinyl business. Starwrap is not only showing good quality products, but the good service.