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Introduction of Starwrap car wrap vinyl
Car wrap vinyl is using variety of color PVC film, pasting cover the whole vehicle or local looking services.
The basic information of China Starwrap vehicle wrapping vinyl:
1. Specification: 1.52x30meter
2. Structure: the vinyl is composed by color and textured pvc film, adhesive and release paper.
3. Main Material: PVC (it is a kind of non-crystalline material, it is no inflammable, high strength, weather resistance, moisture proof, anti-aging, etc.)
4. Glue: Acrylic acid pressure sensitive adhesive.
5. Temperature resistance: -50℃-110℃
6. Installation Tempurature: 20℃-25℃
7. Type of PVC film: cast vinyl
8. Quality guarantee: 3-4 years
Starwrap has different series of car wrap vinyl, they are Matte Color Vinyl, Glossy Color Vinyl, Chrome Vinyl, Brushed Vinyl, Carbon Fiber Vinyl, Matte Chrome Vinyl, Transparent Protective Film, Chameleon Vinyl and so on.
Starwrap mainly makes color vinyl film attached to the body surface. It is easy to be tearred off, touchable physical characteristics and traditional sealing glair is the large advantages comparing to paint. 
Starwrap have large variety color series, which can better show the line of car body beauty, and reveal personal taste and personality.
Starwrap Series Introduction
1, Matte color series: low light reflex; dull noble; suitable for stable atmospheric auto models; show gentle;
2, Glossy color series: vibrant and clear color; strong fashion movement; suitable for supercar gens, sports car, hatchback and stable auto models;
3. Sparkle diamond series: transparent and bright; with little crystal light, and real expression of kinetic, suitable for fashionable men and women flashing active temperament;
4. Chrome brushed series: metal surface smooth and lively; easy to do maintenance; suitable for high-end business car; can better reflect individual grade;
5. Brushed metal series: own obvious intuitively effect; giant strong metal texture; brushed surface, good evenness, kinetic;
6, Carbon fiber vinyl series: carbon fiber texture matte surface; stereo feeling and elegant nobility; black and white and gray color is popular; suitable for stable in high-end models and car interior skins;
7. Satin wrap vinyl series: owns fashion sense; smooth and delicate surface film; beautiful luxury; preferred high-end car personality change color scheme;
8, Chrome mirror series: owns highlight specular reflection effect; bright; suitable to make gold level body color changing effect for super sports car.
9, Matte chrome series: with a hard metal surface rigidity; smooth lines; man's rigid charm by lines of light hale;
10, Transparent protection series: crystal, transparent, strong toughness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to change color, auto repair function; It can isolate the car paint surface from air; long-lasting protection paint (can be blocked off paint the original appearance, never aging).
11, Chameleon vinyl series: it gradually go into all sorts of beautiful colors, bright and clinking.  as the different circumstance, different angles;
The Characteristic of Starwrap car wrap vinyl
1, Excellent adhesiveness back: 40 minutes can be repeatedly paste to facilitate multiple construction positioning; After 24 hours, it is permanent, and can remove, have high shielding characteristic;
2, Good flatness: single unfolds excellent flatness; it is not easily get crease, facilitating construction;
3, Good extension toughness: good tensile strength; can perfect including body twists and turns and curved surface;
4, Good dimension stability: has strong body alignment; years no edge; no longer produces after fixed scale;
5, The whole film coverage: super wide width can be 1.52 meters, ensure the whole film, without joining together;
6, High efficient filter performance: it isolates UV radiation and reduce the ultraviolet ray, high temperature damage in the original car paint;
7, Strong corrosion resistance: resistance to chemical corrosion and acid rain, resin, bird droppings, resin and other erosion;
8, Shielding performance: it can be fully covered the original car paint color, show bright beautiful colour body membrane itself;
9, Scratch repair: it can repair small scratches on the membrane surface;
10, Excellent weather resistance:no matter the environment is high temperature, cold, sand and sea breeze are all in good weatherability and can keep bright, durable crystal;
11, the inertia flame retardant: in-50 ~ 110 degrees temperature adaptability, inert and heat insulation, high temperature effectively blocks the sun, reduce spontaneous combustion hazards;
12, the construction time: whole body modification only needs 2-3 days;
Verified by testing, Starwrap car wrap vinyl is green environmental protection, non-toxic, no smell, no pollution, no human health effects, and it can’t damage the original paint, for the body to provide continuous protection, and to achieve the goal of decorative body.